William Xerra

Florence, 1937

William Xerra

Florence, 1937

William Xerra lives and works in Piacenza. All of his work is directed between the poetic and pictorial sign, even when in the seventies, between happenings, performances and videos, he conceives a series of strictly “conceptual” works. It will then be the fragment able to signify the paths and memories of daily experience. The artist’s style highlights the temporary limits within the work is created. From the early Seventies are the “verification of the miracle” with Pierre Restany, the “reflecting envelopes”, the “object-books”, the intervention on “disused tombstones”, and the “pinball machine poems” with the poet Corrado Costa. When Xerra rethinks painting at the beginning of the 1980s, all these experiences return to the painting, understood as a place of incessant collection of actions, quotations, notes. Filiberto Menna confirms him, in 1987, as one of the Italian Masters of painting-writing-painting. The “Vive” of 1972 will accompany the artist’s work throughout its journey. In 2002 he presented the manifesto “I lie” at the Mudima Foundation in Milan, read by Pierre Restany. His works are present in national and international museums. His collective and personal exhibitions from the 60s to today are many.


Io mento

2006 – 35 x 45


2001 – 122 x 2012


2000 – 124 x 180

Dedicato a Emilio Villa

1996 – 50 x 60


1996 – 45 x 60


1994 – 160 x 120


1994 – 60 x 50

celle qui pense contament a vous

1993 – 160 x 120

Senza Titolo

1993 – 40 x 60


1992 50×60


1985- 86-89-03-150×200

Senza titolo

1984 – 120×160


1975 – 40 x 615