To say nothing of the dog – Film presentation

The film To say nothing of the dog, by Ettore Favini and Antonio Rovaldi, will be screened on Friday, October 25, at 19:30, at the Cinema Filo, in Piazza Filodrammatici in Cremona. Followed by an aperitif in the Gallery.

The film is a journey along the last stretch of the river Po to its mouth in the Adriatic Sea. A liquid and immersive journey inside the river, where the traveller’s point of view rises and falls constantly following the banks in a continuous alternation, inside and outside the water bed. As a collection of travel notes, To say nothing of the dog consists of microstories on life along the banks of the river through the gaze of two artists who have long turned their research to the landscape and the relationships it has with its inhabitants. Rereading and returning the experiences, stories and encounters with the people of the Po and its culture through a mapping of the territory, not only cartographic but also physical, thanks to a slow and immersive means of transport, the film invites the viewer to reflect on a certain idea of movement in the landscape, accompanying him to look at the river from within and to regain confidence with a time of slow crossing of places that today is disappearing: the navigation of a river and life along its banks.

To say nothing of the dog was among the four winning projects of the Rigenerazione competition organized as part of the 48th edition of the Suzzara Prize (2013) entitled La terra si muove con il senso, edited by Paola Boccaletti, Elisabetta Modena and Marco Scotti. It was also in competition at the 36th Edition of the Bellaria Film Festival.

The authors made, in the summer of 2014, the trip on a small river boat, from Cremona to Gorino. In addition to them, the crew consisted of Emanuele Colombo who made a poetic photograph, and Francesca Berardi, journalist and reporter, who interviewed the characters. The film then had a very long genesis, about 2 and a half years of editing, thanks to the patient work of Federica Ravera, filmmaker and editor, who collaborated for several years with Ermanno Olmi, Franco Piavoli and many other directors. For the audio part there was a first action by Francesco Liotard, former technician of Olmi, Guadagnino and many others, until Tommaso Zerbini ended the work.

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