I colori del morfismo. Giuseppe Tabacco. Un ricordo

Just over a year after his untimely death, the Triangle is once again the home of this talented artist, hosting around twenty creations. Among historical works, unpublished works and visions of the future that Tabacco had been working on for some time, the exhibition will bring together a large part of his production, firmly based on that current of metamorphism that he had helped to create and which is the mouthpiece of a analysis of the pictorial material through the shape of the portrayed image. Therefore, tonal inventions, profiles, chromatic accents are combined with the observation of a daily life that was a continuous surprise for Giuseppe: this is demonstrated by the multitude of still unpublished works preserved in his archives and, at the same time, those translated by the artist in the their final version. Therefore, the best examples of his production are on display: works that describe a world in sudden change and in any case capable of being a vehicle of that beauty that only his gentle sensitivity has been able to convey; women with a strong and decisive gaze, queens of a space in their image and likeness; or incredible formal flights, in which the line is pure abstraction. Above all, however, the memory of a Maestro who was first of all a friend to those who shared even the slightest part of his journey: a man, in addition to being an artist, capable – with his energy, his enthusiasm, his ideas – to push others to dialogue and to always give their best.

edited by Francesco Mutti
16-26 september from thursday to sunday, from 16.30 to 19.30

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