Mario Uliassi

Como, 2000

Mario Uliassi

Como, 2000

Mario Uliassi lives and works in Milan. He is studying visual arts and curatorial studies in Naba.
His practice has its roots in drawing, in the intimacy of the sketchbook. Arriving in Milan it changed to embrace different languages. The painting remains the focus of the practice, which then extends to the accumulation of found materials and their organization into sculpture or installation. In the case of video productions, the depiction is concentrated in the recording of the performative trace of the human body.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2023

    Foreste in fiamme, Triangolo, Cremona

Group exhibitions

  • 2022

    Requiem for an entourage (curated by Ludovica Baldrighi, Martina Conte, Caitlin Brown, Emma Woods), Paris, FR

    Equilibrio perso (curated by Artilaide studio), Artilaide, Gallarate

  • 2021

    Sinapsi (independent exibition, curated by artists), Milan

  • 2020

    Emozioni in essere (curated by Roberta Brenna), Fondazione Brenna-Tosatto, Tremezzina

Urna mnemonica

2022 | Pieces of woods and screens | 65 x 52 x 52 cm

Rogo al tramonto

2022 | Tempera on paper | 80 x 110 cm

Foresta in fiamme n. 1

2022 | Oil on canvas | 130 x 175 cm

Mangrovie di naviglio

2022 | Oil on shelves | 230 x 113 cm

Boschi verticali in discesa

2022 | Oil on canvas | 410 x 210 cm