Francesco de Bernardi | Incurabile | luogo_e

April 3, 2024

Thomas Bernhard, Vanni Cuoghi, Francesco De Bernardi, Linda Fregni Nagler, Francisco Goya,
Giuliano Guatta, Thomas Mann, Francesco Parimbelli, Francesca Pasinetti, Simon Pellegrini,
PetriPaselli, Giuliana Rosso, Vitalij Strigunkov e Autore Anonimo. 5 April – 15 June 2024

The scene unfolding before us is worrisome.
Some are sleeping – some would say blissfully, while others would argue they are numbed. Rest is still attempted as a shock therapy for fatigue, persistently combating it in its most literal form.
Some strive to absorb the properties of light, water, the entire Earth. We gorge ourselves, hungering for energies. Human renewable resources seem to be dwindling: more and more fossilized, polluted within, polluting without.
Some try to heal to feel healed. Animals, plants, culture are tended to. Any creature will do, as long as its proven fragility returns our sense of usefulness. Will it work?
Sometimes, faced with the mirror of fragility not our own, we are more forgiving towards the one fate has dealt us. Will it be enough?

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