Wrong vision

18/12/2021 - 16/01/2022
Wrong vision
Edited by Siria Bertorelli

Wrong Vision is a different exhibition from those that usually occupy the spaces of the Galleria il Triangolo, as the protagonists are not recognized artists, but disabled or fragile young people (children and young people) who at the Ticonzero Atelier in Cremona, led by Siria Bertorelli, have embarked on a personal expressive path individualized with the materials of the Art and aimed at psychophysical well-being. At Ticonzero each user has his own exclusive space, so that his personal work can remain where it was left off to be resumed at the next session. A space that works as an energy activator, where walls and workstations carry traces of previous works and give a sense of continuity to each one’s creative history. An intimate space that is at the same time ‘open’ to relationships. A space where everything can be said and represented through art, with the freedom that is inherent in it and, at the same time, with its rules. Materials, magazines, works to be completed are left exposed so that everything is shared through an exchange of comments, advice and incentives, just like in a normal art studio.

Through the works presented, the atmosphere and soul of the Atelier will relive in Wrong Vision to make as many people as possible aware of this ‘other’ art, only ironically wrong, which truly reveals an alternative vision of reality, urging us to look beyond the horizon of our customs and conventions.

A significant artistic contribution to the initiative was given by Giulia Pastorino, a professional recognized nationally for her editorial productions and collaboration with well-known newspapers, to whom we owe the conception of the exhibition poster.