Nessun luogo è come casa

12/12/2020 - 24/01/2021
Nessun luogo è come casa
In another dimension – I’m ready
In another dimension – In memory of Luis Sepúlveda
In another dimension – Thinking of you
In another dimension – While everything is making noise you come to meet me
In another dimension
In another dimension – When I’ll meet you
In another dimension – He was my North, my South, my East and West
In another dimension – Winter from me
In another dimension – Without you
Cornaredo 1
Cornaredo 2
Cornaredo 3
Rovine I
Senza titolo – Maquette 2
Le antenne di Tangeri guardano il mare (case del dentro e case del fuori)
Le antenne di Tangeri guardano il mare (case del dentro e case del fuori)
The familiar unknown – Wake up
The familiar unknown – Breakfast in the morning
The familiar unknown – Home school
The familiar unknown – Do the laundry
Tassonomia semplificata del libero arbitrio 2
Tassonomia semplificata del libero arbitrio 3
Mi siedo con te (casa)
Mi siedo con te (Nonna M)
Mi siedo con te (Nonna N)
Metamorfosi 3
Barchette senza timoniere
D’elite Room 1
D’elite Room 2
D’elite Room 3
D’elite Room 4
D’elite Room 5
D’elite Room 6
L’ora dopo il gioco
Nessun luogo è come casa
Edited by Raffaella Colace

The exhibition is named after one of the artworks featured in #LoSpazioVuoto, the digital exhibition organized by Il Triangolo Gallery last spring during Covid 19 lockdown. A lockdown that made homes become the entire and intimate centre of life where everyone was forced to organize or create new lifestyles and routines, unveiling blank truths about themself and looking at the same old things in a new way. Nessun luogo è come casa is an exhibition which brings into art the feelings and the aftermaths of the lockdown, conferring to ten artists from different generations the mission to speak about home and the idea of living. Even if not all their artworks are necessarily bound to the dramatic circumstances, sure enough, they all become more powerful and touching due to what’s happened and, unfortunately, what’s still happening. In Valeria Agostinelli’s inks the home itself is a place of the soul where to look for an inner cosiness while Alessio Vaccari’s paintings, both realistic and surrealistic, manage to be creepier, serene and playful at the same time. A reassuring family sofa is the star of Arianna Greci’s drawings and becomes the symbol of the house’s hotbed, silent keeper of family’s stories and intimate memories. Elisa Veronelli’s paintings are fragments of the home’s floor where her childhood games came back to life. Camilla Alberti gives life to painted pulping that makes us aware of how today’s buildings and houses are all the same, together with installation evoking new living spaces intended to be shaped by nature. In Giovanna Lui’s artworks, home is an inner place told by a visionary painting technique dominated by empty places where the only audible sound is the wall’s breath. Arturo Delle Donne photographs are shot in his family home and they try to reach the outside world trough light shortcuts which remind about Hopper’s works. During lockdown television was a great fellowship for many of us, that’s why Walter Ferri-Szczerbowski transformed the viewing figures of the most watched Tv shows into a series of pastels on boards. Monica Carrera chose an open-air point of view, photographing a bunch of perched houses covered by satellite dishes which are the only windows to the outside word reduced to a silent and floating place by the lockdown. Even Monica Taverna chose photography to tell us her shocking experience during Covid. Forced in an hotel room, she took her camera shooting all the ordinary details of a stranger but necessary environment which tries to be familiar without succeeding.