16/06/2020 - 30/09/2020
Mostri dalla terra profonda
Il silenzio
Icaro, don’t call me bae
Nessun luogo è come casa
Attesa Metafisica
Dove sono
(sezione di) CMBR
Tutto è possibile e nulla è vero
Aesthetics of Isolation
Non ne hai bisogno finché ne hai bisogno
Paesaggi 1
// Vita in Plastica
Via Senza Via
Edited by Raffaella Colace

#Lospaziovuoto is the result of an open call that more than 100 Italians and international artists answered to, presenting artworks which share their perspectives on life during the days of lockdown and focus on the emptiness coming from being isolated and social distance. #Lospaziovuoto inquiries about the emptiness of cities, the emptiness of time, suddenly slowed down and the emptiness of mind which, free from everyday routine and worries, got also the chance to broaden up seizing new opportunities.

Even if each of the 16 selected artworks has certainly his distinctive features, all together they collectively provide a balanced overviewed on how different generations of artist saw and experienced this this period of uncertainty, loneliness and social distancing.

The selection was curated by Leonardo Caldonazzo, gallerist, Raffaella Colace, art historian and director of Il Triangolo Art Gallery, Sara Fontana, historian and art critic, Ettore Favini, artist.