The End – Jacopo Martinotti

26 October, 2019

The End, installation by Jacopo Martinotti, Saturday 26 October, meeting at 17 at Località Maginot, Castelvetro Piacentino (PC)

In Cremona, the first act of an event that, on the occasion of the upcoming personal exhibition of Jacopo Martinotti in Treviglio (as part of the ninth edition of ArtDate, Bergamo, 14-17 November 2019), will connect the two cities. The End is an exhibition that seems to be born on the road, an installation on the river that appears as if it were passing, to give life to the final of a film within a cinema that takes shape in an unexpected place.

Abandoned in the middle of the Po, waiting to resume its path, The End hides, lost, inviting the public to search for it until they discover a silent place of the river. And in that place, it becomes a mirage, lulled like a dream by the flow of the water in which it is immersed, where liquid images flow like backgrounds of a film whose ending becomes a moment of recollection to which everyone is invited to participate.

The End

2019 – Installation