Iron Swan – Clarissa Falco

In Iron Swan, Clarissa Falco plays the role of a robot with human features that moves inside a projection of automated machines of the mechanical and iron and steel industry. The projected images of the industrial machines welcome the robot/performer, incorporating it into their physical and metaphorical space: an entity which, with its automatic gestures, causes a sensation on the borderline between empathy and disturbance, stimulating a reflection on the role of the body and of human identity in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Falco’s artistic creation is inspired by the theory of The Uncanny Valley (the Valley of Bewilderment) developed by the Japanese Masahiro Mori, a pioneer of robotics according to which our empathy towards robots increases when mechanical arms become toys and then take on human features; but when they begin to look too much like us, they baffle and frighten us. What if the physical differences between humans and robots were imperceptible? How would we react to this (new) type of corporeality? The performative act ‘inside’ the projection and the audio created ad hoc that accompanies it will offer the viewer an immersive experience, with a strong emotional and intellectual impact, where real and artificial seem to dialogue without interruption. In Iron Swan, artistic invention coexists with the documentary landscape of Italian industry, in a perfect convergence between the humanistic and technological spheres.