Mario Uliassi. Foreste in Fiamme

15 April – 15 May, 2023

The exhibition brings together a dozen works by the young artist Mario Uliassi: large canvases and panels painted with woods inhabited by trees defined by lines silhouetted against a sky that is now clear and milky, now made warm and golden by tongues of fire that rise from the earth. Sky, earth, fire: these are the essential elements of a figurative poem which, in the flat and bright colors dominated by red, yellow and brown, evoke fiery atmospheres and burnt materials. A surreal and fantastic vision that projects us into a primordial dimension threatened by impending ruin, the one of which we are the creators and by which we are surrounded.

Also on display are a series of monochrome drawings with trees which, driven by thick and thin lines intertwined like cobwebs, seem to sprout and stretch beyond the limit of the white sheet looking for space and air: like us, who have lost them and of which we keep, precious, the memory.

Memory is another theme on which Uliassi reflects, through a dialogue with Carolina Attalla, a young video maker who moves in the field of ​​New Media Art. Together with her, he creates the installation Urna mnemonica, conceived and created on the dichotomy between nature and technology. By juxtaposing the materials that represent these two elements in an unexpected and curious structure, the two worlds connect aesthetically with a highly suggestive result that highlights the oxymoron of contemporaneity: screens have been placed in an emptied tree trunk; the memory of the tree (the rings that mark the time) has been replaced by ours (that of the hard disk), ephemeral, through a brutal and invasive operation, typical of anthropic intervention. The result is that of an anachronistic place of memory, evocative of themes such as urban alienation and naturalistic disfigurement

Boschi verticali in discesa

2022 – Oil on canvas 150 x 230 cm

All photo credits to Chiara Scodeller.

Fabbrica di stelle

2022 – Oil on Canvas 210 x 410 cm

All photo credits to Chiara Scodeller.

Il cielo

2022 – Oil on canvas 292×220 cm

All photo credits to Chiara Scodeller.

Spirito del sottosuolo

2022 – Ink on paper

All photo credits to Chiara Scodeller.

Urna mnemonica

2022 – pieces of woods and screens 65 x 52 x 52 cm

All photo credits to Chiara Scodeller.