Ettore Favini | Cremona Art Week

27 maggio – 4 giugno 2023

In the evocative setting of the former Frazzi Area artist Ettore Favini exhibits two works that lull us underwater like the flow of a river. And it is the river that gives the title to Favini’s work, “Il fiume che piange” which tells us about the local reality of a polluted Po river whose banks are in need of maintenance, consisting in four cotton tapestries made by collaborating with Cremona’s middle schools trying to raise awareness of the environmental issue of water, a theme that Cremona holds dear being a city that overlooks the Po river and from which the city has drawn its wealth since Roman times. And if in the vaults of the Ex Area Frazzi the tapestries swirl suspended by the wind, it really feels like being on the bottom of a river in an immersive experience that makes you feel now cradled now at the mercy of the current of this river that desperately cries out for help.

Cremona Contemporanea | Art Week stems from the need to reaffirm in Italy and abroad the value of Cremona through a dialogue between its places and contemporary artists; the installations intends to open a dialogue between the local historical and artistic heritage and international contemporary art, transforming Cremona for a week into a place of experimentation, knowledge and discovery. Cremona Contemporanea | Art Week is a project promoted by the Culture Department of the City of Cremona, curated by art critic, curator and journalist Rossella Farinotti.

Il Fiume che piange

No. 4 tapestries – mixed technique on cotton, 185 x 250 cm each / Ph. Andrea Rossetti / Courtesy Cremona Contemporanea | Art Week