Ettore Favini | Satelliti | Curated by Giorgio Galotti 

Renata De Bonis, Ettore Favini, Anders Holen, Matteo Nasini, Alice Ronchi
Caccia al Piano, Bolgheri – Castagneto Carducci, Italy 
10 June – 25 November, 2023
The project aims to start a widespread story that will probe the relationship of the history and spaces of the Caccia al Piano winery, through a dialogue conditioned along an axis of interventions by artists invited to showcase, through their site- and project-specific works, the intimate connection one can posit between the movements of the cosmos and the process of vinification. The project itinerary, with the vineyards as its point of departure, proceeds through the panoramic observation tower and concludes at the barrel cellar, a journey that has as its inspiration and model the life-cycle marked by the revolution of the heavenly vault from which everything is born and takes its origin; it then proceeds inside, through some of the more intimate spaces of the wine cellar, and guides the visitor to experience, savour, and understand the place where the winemaking process takes place.
On its rooftop rises Ettore Favini’s artwork dedicated to the moon, the quintessential satellite that regulates planet earth’s magnetic forces and biological rhythms. This piece, specifically designed, is a tribute to the cosmos and to all of nature’s movements conditioned by the lunar cycle.

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2023 | Painted steel, aluminium, led, timer | Ø 1900 cm 

All photo credits to Leonardo Morfini.