Ettore Favini | Neutro #10

NEUTRO’s #10 publication, edition of 25, is officially online.

The publication contains a leporello gathering Ettore Favini’s works displayed on NEUTRO’s showcases in Reggio Emilia during his recent exhibition Relitti (15 October, 2023 – 7 January, 2024), along with Roberta Garieri’S reflection on what relitti are today. The front pages of newspapers constitute the other side of ‘Relitti,’ just as coloniality is to modernity. 

As if observing through the portholes of a submarine, we are faced with images representing an aquatic landscape, inhabited by a multitude and diversity of artifacts subjected to liquid erosion and saline and bacterial alteration. […] What do these residues want to tell us? What do they hide behind this apparent opacity? What are the remains of? What are the causes? Are these our contemporary ruins? (Roberta Garieri)

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