Ettore Favini | La Quadriennale di Roma | Studio Visit

By Elena Forin

The artist’s practice belongs to the panorama of investigations that originate from the direct experience of places and communities. Specifically, each of her works stems from interests that intersect with the history of cities, neighborhoods, environments, geographies, economic flows, and, indeed, relationships between people. To these elements is added a careful analysis of materials, their traditional processes, and the visual-decorative codes that people have impressed upon them. From these matrices, a solid, coherent research emerges, always aimed at reaching new formal horizons. The dialogue between the conceptual, visual, and technical/linguistic levels is, in fact, a key aspect of her work. Collaborative practices and the relational matrix of certain projects add an additional learning engine to an already rich and committed approach.
In the studio, I find some works where her interests converge towards another basin, this time a riverine one. The Po certainly characterizes the daily life of Favini and the dense universe of people who inhabit its flow through regions, landscapes, and different microclimates. For communities, rivers are fundamental: they have contributed to the creation of civic aggregates, facilitated economic development and the circulation of goods, and have an impact on the landscape and nature. Climate change, and especially the alternation between droughts and floods, have profoundly changed their habitats and are influencing the development and course of their flow.

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