Ettore Favini | Galleria XXV Aprile, Cremona

Permanent view
The river, by encyclopedic definition, is nothing but a perennial waterway. In this regard, observing the Po river in recent years, it is noticeable how unsuitable the adjective perennial is now. Hence Ettore Favini‘s reflection on how often we tend to systematically devalue the resources and nature around us. With this in mind therefore, the work is a coldly geographical representation of the river’s course that reflects, on the one hand, on how climate change is changing the river, but also aims, on the other hand, to try to reactivate relationships between people.
Fragile Rive is conceived as an invitation to enter the city gallery: in the evening it acts as an illuminating body, which irradiates the central part with blue, while at the two main entrances navigational signs have been placed (wooden artifacts, the white part colored with special fluorescent paint that will light up when the sun goes down, the red part with reflective paint), the same ones that can be found on the sides of a bridge and that invite people to pass through the center.

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Fragili Rive

2023 | Painted aluminium, led, astronomical twilight switch | 12 x 2,5 m

All photo credits to Nora Pegorini.