Ettore Favini | BAT Chile

Bienal de Arte Textil – Chile
30 September – 19 November, 2023

“Entendemos el textil como metáfora de lo comunitario, de lo colectivo y de lo universal.”

Developing a project like the Biennial of Textile Art (BAT) has nothing to do with the desire to highlight or reposition something. Nor is it about recovering objects that have been lost in the history of art or wanting to relocate them outside the domestic space. Because textile objects have always existed outside the traditional places of circulation. No one is unaware that we are witnessing a flourishing of this practice, which had been awaiting its moment of grace with a strong presence in important artistic events around the world. And this resurgence goes hand in hand with a global moment of renewal and youth, which we are also experiencing.

The exhibition Spring Festival – on show at MAVI UC and CEINA between 30 September and 19 November – aims to connect the cultural history of our continent with the history of textile art in contemporary art. This desire is inevitably confronted with current events, in a moment no more complex than others that have marked the evolution of humans on Earth, but currently absolutely mediatised, which makes us feel called upon to react all the time. In this context, the celebration of life and the celebration of blossoming is not a naive question, but a political gesture of caring for ourselves and our environment, improving living conditions and of wanting to share contemporary art.

Matías Allende

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Mer de plusieur noms

2020 | Embroidered jeans, painted metal rods and supports | 250 x 180 cm

All photo credits to C. Eymenier