Carlo Rocca

Bergamo, 1998

Carlo Rocca was born in Bergamo where he graduated at Accademy of Art and where he’s attending Giacomo Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. Material is predominant, barely essential in the composition of the artwork trough his comunicative skills: it must be able of exalting or silencing himself according to shape and color. This approach often generates densely configured objects, you can both distinguish them and see them blending between volume and surface. The implicit goal is to draw attention to this relationship of materiality and appearance in sculptural production. As in the sculptures, in the graphic works primitive colors collide and overlap with each other, and thanks to deleterious techniques the image’s texturing produces odd visions. Either the subject of the artwork or the way we describe it can give him the right perspective: through a game of combination we recognize his implicit truthfulness in both obvious and incomprehensible forms.

Artworks by Carlo Rocca
Past Exhibitions of Carlo Rocca


16/06/2020 - 30/09/2020

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