Aleksandra Ewa Nowak

Il silenzio

Warsaw (Poland), 1991

Born in Warsaw and now living and working in Genoa, Aleksandra Ewa Nowak is a painter and visual artist who graduated at the Fine Arts Academy of Genoa. She focuses on pictorial works, audio registrations and installations. Aleksandra’s artistic research is a registration of spaces, emptiness, pauses and silence which mixes her past experience in music with visual art, using sign and gesture in drawing and painting to realise her experiences. She developed a particular interest in noises, fragments and accents created by gestures which are sometimes very large and sometimes almost imperceptible in relation to the pauses. The result can be translated visually through the execution of the same gestures. She paints with white or monochrome as a resonance of the silence, and colour as the sound which cuts, recomposes and defines it. She has participated in many collective exhibitions; in June 2016 Subseri Gallery in Milan dedicated her a solo exhibition.



16/06/2020 - 30/09/2020