Artist: Camilla Alberti


An analysis of three architectural housing types in Cornaredo, a town on the suburbs of Milan where Alberti lives. The three models are considered from both a structural and a social point of view. The aesthetics of these houses shape, in fact, the urban fabric of the area in a kind of standardization which also homogenizes the mode of living. The perfect geometry of the painted architectures is set in contrast to the size of the base modeled with cellulose pulp. The use of a natural and raw material allowed the investigation to remain within an artisanal and intimate boundary.

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Ruins – Concept Opera

Talking about the end of the world doesn’t mean imagining a new planet instead of the present one, but a new people who will inhabit it in the near future. A people who will believe in the world and who will have to live in it by building with what we leave them. The people who comes will need to inhabit the ruins of past lives and learn how to rethink them in order to propel, these ruins, into the future. These sculptural microspaces lay the grounds for the creation of an imaginary built around the concept of ruin. The abandoned materials show their stories in an architectural assemblage left...

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Monsters from the Deep Earth – Concept Opera

Painting has followed the flow of a reflection on our way of be-in-the-world during this moment, in which the walls of the house have become real confines, while the world outside the window tends towards regeneration. The painting, in fact, re-elaborates the memory of a marshy pond, the last fragment of nature that I’ve experienced before the beginning of the restrictive measures against Covid-19. At a time in which the intimate space of the house is now an adversary and the perception of time is becoming more and more an alienation, painting has been my daily ritual to react by inscribing...

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